Shenshu tournament

Venray, May 2022

                                             Dear judo athletes and judo friends,

Sportinstituut Verhagen warmly invites you to its 11th great international adaptive judo tournament:

Nihon Dutch Open Shenshu – Adaptive Judo and VI Judo.

This tournament will be held on Saturday 26 November 2022 at sports hall ‘De Wetteling’,  Zuidsingel 2 in Venray (the Netherlands).

The preliminary program is as follows:

  • Friday 25 November 2022: arrival of foreign participants (and Dutch participants staying overnight)
  • Saturday 26 November 2022 is divided into four sessions:
  • The Nihon Dutch Open Shenshu for seniors of all levels (year of birth 2006 and earlier) with

     subsequent award ceremony;

  • The Nihon Dutch Open Shenshu for juniors of all levels (year of birth 2007 and later)  with

   subsequent award ceremony;

  • A Virtus national teams tournament for seniors men level 1 and 2 only with subsequent award ceremony. The participants must be listed on the national master list or have started the application for it;
  • A separate tournament for people with visual impairment led by IBSA with subsequent award ceremony.
  • Sunday 27 November 2022 departure of overnight staying guests.

Male participants of level 1 and 2 therefor can fight again in the afternoon in the team tournament if they want to. Registration for this has to be done separately.

Regarding the Nihon Dutch Open Shenshu: juniors and seniors in level 3-5 can participate in ne-waza or tachi-waza, seniors level 1 and 2 can only participate in tachi waza. Level 1 is a good player and level 5 is weakest player. All participants fight in white judogi only and with a white or a blue belt. All participants of level 1 and 2 will be weighed.

The pools of the Nihon Dutch Open Shenshu are composed of 4, 5 or 6 judokas, depending on gender, age, ability and weight.

Entry fee to the Nihon Dutch Open Shenshu is € 10,00 per judoka. The registration fee for the team tournament is € 30,- per team. No fees for public. Judoka can only participate in white judogi with only a white or a blue belt. Seniors levels 1 and 2 will be weighed before the start of the competition.

Attention!! The entry for the Nihon Dutch Open Shenshu can only be done via e-mail using the entry form. Payments have to be done via bank transfer, unless agreed otherwise!!!

After the last award ceremony of the Nihon Dutch Open Shenshu we offer a dinner (international buffet) in hotel Asteria in Venray at € 25,- per person, excluding drinks (drinks are available on site). If you wish to make use of this opportunity, you can indicate on the entry form how many people will participate. Registration on the day/evening itself is not possible unfortunately. We have to finish the reservation prior to your arrivals.

For the overnight stay of our guests we’ve made a pre-reservation for several rooms at the hotel Asteria ( Bookings have to be made by yourself, we can only assist. When booking you can mention the judo-weekend. You might consider booking the weekend arrangement on their website: this way you’ll have a dinner on the day you arrive and a late check-out as well.

If you want to stay at another location please consider that the organisation might struggle to get you to the venue in time.

If you fly over to the Netherlands, we can pick you up from the following airports at a shuttle service fee of € 20,- per person:

  • Eindhoven Airport
  • Dusseldorf International
  • Dusseldorf/Niederrhein Weeze.

If you arrive at/depart from another airport (or want to travel by train anyway), we kindly ask you to take a train to Venray-Oostrum station or Horst-Sevenum station. From there we can pick you up as well.

Your registration for this weekend must be done until 23 October 2022, as well as the payment of registration fees (Nihon Dutch Open Shenshu / team tournament), dinner and shuttle service. The total amount must be transferred to IBAN: NL73 RABO 0318 2398 33 (BIC: RABONL2U / Rabobank Venray/Horst), account holder Stichting Judo for All Nederland in Venray. Please state clearly the name of the club and the number of people participating. Registrations after this date are only possible after consulting the organization.

If the tournament cannot take place due to circumstances beyond our control, such as government measures (e.g. coronavirus), the registered associations will be informed immediately. The payments already made will then be refunded for 90%. The remainder serves as a contribution towards the costs incurred.

Cancellations after 23 October 2022 will not lead to refunds of the payments done!

Please send the attached entry form by email to Mady Holtackers ( If there are any questions, you can also contact her by phone (+31 6 4466 2283) or Facebook/Messenger/ WhatsApp (Mady Holtackers).

During this weekend photos will be taken and may be published on our website and/or social media. With your registration for this weekend you agree with this.

Please note that participation in this weekend will be at your own risk at all times!

We look forward to seeing you and your team (again). In the meantime keep safe!!


Rudi Verhagen